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15 Amazing Facts About Truck Accident Lawyers You've Never Heard Of

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Truck Accident Attorneys

Due to their size and the potential for more damage, santa clarita truck accident lawyer drivers are required to meet a greater expectations of care on the road. This is the reason why the trucking company is generally accountable in the event that one of its trucks crashes.

Sometimes, the manufacturer of an individual truck component could also be held responsible. The maintenance or loading company may also be accountable if the malfunctioning part was caused due to an issue that would be discovered during routine inspections.


Whiplash is among the most common injuries that occur in rear-end collisions. It is a back and neck injury in which the head sways violently back and forth. It can cause discomfort and pain for several months or weeks. It can even cause long-term issues such as lingering neck pain or headaches. A personal injury lawyer can help people suffering from whiplash get the compensation they need.

There are a myriad of reasons that can cause truck accidents. They can be the result of errors made by kingfisher truck accident drivers but other times they occur because of the negligence of other individuals or entities. Trucking companies may be liable for allowing unqualified drivers to work or not ensuring their supervision for instance. Truck stops may also be held responsible for allowing their property to be used in a way that is not intended or fail to warn of dangers on the property.

Many accidents involving trucks are the result of rear-end collisions. The sudden impact caused by the collision of a truck with another vehicle can result in serious injuries. A truck accident lawyer can assist in determining the cause of the accident and hold those responsible for the victim's damages.

A collision with a truck can cause a broad variety of physical injuries including broken bones, concussions, and herniated discs. These injuries can have a major impact on the life of a person and financial wellbeing. For example, they can cause chronic suffering and pain and medical expenses, as well as lost wages, and permanent disability. Lawyers for o'fallon truck accident attorney accidents can help victims obtain the maximum compensation possible. They can also help victims find other sources of financial support to pay for the expenses of their injuries. A qualified Commack truck accident lawyer can make sure that evidence is stored in time, giving the victim a better chance of obtaining the compensation they are entitled to.


Truck accidents are often the cause of severe injuries that require costly treatments and a huge loss of life-changing capabilities. The injured sufferers face huge medical bills, missed income from missing work, and devastating emotional distress. Truck accident attorneys help their clients recover compensation for economic and non-economic injuries.

Concussions are common among truck accident victims. They are also caused by sprains and strains or other soft tissue injuries that can't be observed on x-rays. These brain injuries can trigger headaches, nausea, dizziness and other issues. They can also impact the way you sleep and your daily activities like driving, eating and socializing.

A lawyer for a truck accident can examine these issues and determine who could be responsible for the client's injuries. In addition to truck drivers, companies who load and unload cargo as well as third-party brokers who connect trucks and drivers with freight carriers as well as manufacturers of vehicle components, and other parties may be held accountable for client damages.

Truck accidents can also involve more complex mechanics than regular car crashes. Due to this, they may include more sophisticated evidence, such as recordings from black boxes, electronic metadata, and expert testimony. Our NYC truck accident lawyers have the resources and knowledge to handle these complicated cases.

Our New York City truck accident lawyers can determine the parties responsible and make them accountable for your injuries. They will take into account the future and current financial losses when calculating the value of your claim. These include medical expenses for diagnostics, treatment and ongoing care; loss of income from missing work; a reduction in earning capacity; property damage; and other financial losses that are quantifiable. They will also take into consideration your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, and other intangible losses.

Back injuries

Back injuries are among the most prevalent types of injuries sustained during truck accidents. These injuries could be very severe and could significantly alter the lives of those injured. Medical bills can add up which can cause financial stress. A lot of victims of truck accidents suffer from emotional stress for weeks and months after the crash. This kind of pain can be compensated through non-economic damages, but it could be difficult to prove.

Truck accident lawyers can assist a victim collect evidence and create a case for compensation. This includes medical records and police reports, and also statements from witnesses. The victim should also keep an eye on all expenses related to the accident. This includes bills and correspondence. They should also keep a log or seek counsel from a therapist to record their emotional losses.

A fort collins truck accident accident lawyer can assist victims in understanding their rights and assist them in the proof of damages. The law protects the victims of accidents from being taken advantage of by defendants and their insurers. Our New York City truck accident lawyers know how to anticipate these arguments and take on them in every case.

Many factors contribute to truck crashes, but driver negligence is the most prevalent reason for a wreck. This type of negligence can be caused by driving under the influence, speeding or inattention to blind spots. Our lawyers will analyze your case to determine the liable party.

Jackknife accidents

Jackknife collisions are among the most serious truck accidents. They can involve several vehicles and cause serious injuries and property damage. They may also cause an unintentional death. The good news is that victims can recover damages from the liable party. A skilled jackknife truck accident attorney can assist victims in doing this.

Trucks are more difficult to stop or slow down because of their size and mass. This is particularly the case when they're carrying a heavy load. Truckers may also feel pressured to move faster to meet the strict delivery schedules, which can result in unsafe driving and increase the risk of a collision.

Driver error is the leading cause of an accident. A trucker could turn too sharply or apply brakes too aggressively. This could cause the trailer to jackknife and slide out, causing the drive wheels to skid.

Speeding and insufficient loading are also causes of a jackknife. woods cross truck accident lawsuit drivers who exceed speed limits must maintain a longer stopping distance than cars. If they are transporting unbalanced cargo, this could cause a trailer to sway as they travel.

If you're involved in a jackknife accident it is important to remain at peace and take the necessary steps to ensure your safety. Check yourself and others for injuries and contact 911 to report the crash. Once you've done all this, it's crucial to consult a jackknife lawyer with experience as soon as possible. A competent lawyer will collect evidence to demonstrate negligence on behalf of the parties responsible and seek compensation for your losses. This could include evidence from the truck driver's log book, "black box" electronic data, maintenance records and more.

Head injuries

Truck accidents are often the cause of more serious head injuries than car accidents. This is due to the size of large trucks, that can result in greater force of impact than smaller vehicles. In addition, the impact force could cause victims to hit their heads against dashboards, seat backs or even windows, which can cause fractures to the skull.

These fractures can range from straightforward fractures that do not show any visible cracks in the bone to compound fractures, which expose splintered bones, and can be very hazardous. These injuries can also have a dramatic impact on the quality of life for the injured and can cause them to struggle with physical and cognitive limitations. These limitations may prevent them from working or engaging in activities and hobbies. They might also have difficulty in trying to keep up with friends or family members.

Victims who sustain TBIs (TBI) in accidents involving trucks are often suffering from physical, medical emotional, and mental issues that can significantly impact their lives. They may not be able work, maintain their previous levels of health and wellbeing, or maintain appropriate familial, romantic, or platonic relationships with other people. This can result in a significant decrease in their overall quality of life which is compensable under law.

The injured party can file a lawsuit against the truck driver or the trucking company in order to recover compensation for the losses they suffered. They assert that the trucker and/or the company breached its duty of care, resulting in a TBI or other injury and they owe them damages. TBI victims seek compensation for past, present and future medical expenses as well as lost income, damage to property, as well as a lower standard of living.


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